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Bo Janna

I hear that I do not look like 47 years old. My age is my secret then and Rena is a part of it. I love her professionalism and care. Facial and deep tissue massage are my  favourites!
"Rena's touch" is the best way  to achive a younger look without plastic surgery. She is my personal beauty therapist, a doctor for my feminine soul and one of my most valuable friends. Thank you for your wonderful job and attitude! It is worth to be recommended!



I am 44years old and regularly treat myself with massages. That is the best way I believe to release my tension. Rena's hands not only treat my muscles to release all tension but also pass over a positive energy and warmth. Rena's deep tissue body massage takes away not only a physical pain along with body stress but also an emotional pressure. It helps me to deal very well with my busy life. 





I have been Rena's customer for the last 14 years and having traveled around the world visiting some of the best 5 star beauty salons I can firmly say this is the best.

All type of massages are no comparable to none  I have tried.  Renata's  little and powerful hands are able to touch any muscle or nerve which is inflamed or painful with unique strength and touch that only by trying it is possible to describe or really understand. At the end I feel really relaxed with a sense of inner well being and pleasure and pure relaxation that can be described only by personal experience. 

All my facials have been done with exclusive and wonderful beauty products - the best only. Once the treatments are finished I feel to have a new face rejuvenated and fresh.  


07762 320 752
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