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Nothing compares to the benefit of regular massage. It helps your breathing, circulation and muscle tone. Its strengthens your immune system by stimulating your body to release toxins. And of course, nothing provides the sense of mental calm, and deep muscular relaxation as massage does. Body Massage is one  of   Rena's signature treatment, tailor made to your personal needs with the outcome of a deep tissue massage addressing muscular tensions and aches and pains of the body, or a calming, relaxing and reconnecting treatment. This massage can be received every day for men and women, great for jet lags, headaches, sleeping problems or to feel wonderful for the weekend to come. A customised massages based on your needs. A variety of techniques are used, including swedish, deep tissue,reflexology or anti-cellulite.


90 min.............£110
60 min.............£80
30 min............£40 

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